A quick Recap of the Past 3 Years

Re: Cross-country move, homeownership, changes and updates

How becoming a parent of 2 under 3 during a global pandemic instilled a sense of urgency to finally start journaling.

So, what happened since Summer 2017? In a nutshell: A year after marriage and commuting to Princeton from the picturesque river-town of New Hope, PA, my husband received his Ph.D. and promptly landed a professorship at UCSB. After dealing with the worst cross-country movers ever - Colonial Movers - we packed what we could into our Honda Civic for our road trip, visiting friends along the way, and landed in a cute 2 bedroom duplex in downtown Santa Barbara. After unpacking the last box, faculty housing came through, and we DocuSigned our way into home-ownership, while traveling through Europe. Once back, we repacked, moved into a 4 bedroom house that we could only afford because it’s faculty housing (F-ing California housing market…). Oh, and I started working in commercial real estate, then found out we’re pregnant. The rest became a blur of WTFs and “how the hecks,” lathered in breast milk, spit-up, or excrement.

Fast forward to January 2020: I became a mother of two, was basically sheltering in place already when the pandemic hit, and realized that if I don’t start documenting the funny, disastrous, and somewhat successful moments my kids will never know what it took to have them, then raise them, in this crazy world. Meanwhile, Studio YU - this digital art community, and first child really - has been sitting in the back burner, gnawing at me for the past 2.5 years, with its potential far from being reached. More on that soon.

So, here we are: Juggling between the duties of being a Mom, an artist, a working professional, and a volunteer in as sustainable a manner as possible. Welcome to a new look, a new stage of life, a more diverse perspective, and a newfound desire to jot things down. Stay tuned!

Written: 2020-05-08

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